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My teacher has three different tests you can take. The A(100 max) test. B(92 max) test. And the C(84 max) test. You can choose which one you want.
The A test, you are given the English and you have to write the Spanish.
The B test, you are given the Spanish and you have to write the English.
The C test, is matching.

So he went around the room gave people the test they wanted.
He came to me and handed me the A test and said ,You don’t have a choice. And moved on. Well, I was terrified and nervous. So I did some of it.

He called me back up to him and he handed me the B test. I did that one so fast. I know I aced that one.

Then he called me back up to the front of the room and said that he handed me the A test because he believed I could do it. And if I didn’t do well, I wasn’t pushing myself to know the Spanish and English. He didn’t do it just to scare me.

Point of this story is, I never had a teacher have that much faith in me to do something I know I couldn’t. That was coolest thing ever. He didn’t do that for anyone else in the class. I think that was the coolest part. He cared and wanted me to live up to my full potential and even wanted me to raise it a little.
Day literally made.
No teacher has ever cared that much and believed in me that much.

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